The new V-SHAPE tightening treatment for the face and neck effectively removes edema instantly, tightens the jaw line, and reshapes the skin's tension function. When V-SHAPE Neck Slimming Serum and Slimming Facial Serum cover the face and the entire chin, it can be instantly absorbed by the skin, making it easier for the effective ingredients to penetrate the surface of the skin. The diamond microcrystalline capsules instantly sharpen the facial contours for a faster thinning effect More obviously, the DMAE marine active ingredient instantly activates collagen and elastin, effectively diminishes the texture, resists the loss of collagen and elasticity, fills up the density of collagen fibers, provides elasticity and flexibility to tighten the contours. The essence of guarana and red ball ginger promotes facial microcirculation, and can instantly lift the contours and tighten them. Organic oat sugar prevents skin fibrous tissue from becoming loose due to saccharification, helping to create a tighter contour.

V-SHAPE Infusion Lifting Treatment

  • RBS1025-Box